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WOW!! - Watch a Boeing 707 do a roll!
Famous Boeing test pilot Tex Thorton impresses the crowd. He
repeated the trick over Long Beach as Douglas Aircraft rolled out
it's brand new DC-9. Much to Donald Douglas' chagrin.

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Since recovering from a stroke I'm reopening my old company and again offering you I the finest in Internet services at the lowest possible price. I'll write a very good web page for you, get it on line and promote it through search engines and other Internet advertising methods. And I'll do it for far less than anyone else.

I've been on the Internet since 1969, when it first started and was known as Arpanet and only for use by the DoD and Universities. With the advent of the  World Wide Web  and my retirement from Aerospace Engineering, I started an Internet company in 1991. We wrote web pages, back when there were only a couple of thousand pages total on line. We branched out into hosting and networking and became a major player in developing the internet. We joined with another Internet company and further increased our product offerings. I wrote web sites for customers including William Shatner, The Crystal Cathedral, MetRx, Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Ceaser's Palace, political campaigns, car companies, pharmaceutical companies, health services, real estate companies, and many more. I rewrote an on line ordering page for one customer and increased their average daily on line sales from $1,000 to more than $16,000 in just six weeks. We did the first web cast with a morning news show where our receptionist read the paper and gave her opinion on what was going on. She developed a worldwide following and even had one fan from Japan travel to the US to meet her. I wrote such Internet classics as Warp the Politician and Name in Space, and many more. I wrote CyberSEATS, the major league baseball on line ticketing system where you can select specific seats or a seat and see the view from the seat(s) you select, all online.

I hold more than 100 U.S. and international patents. You can see some of them here. Many of these patents relate to Internet applications. While few Internet web sites comprise patentable features, where such applications are available you, as my customer, own those patent rights and I can help you protect your invention. 

There is a better way to get  your Web Site written and on line. Until 2IGI it was difficult to justify the cost of having a page on the Internet. You know the value is there but you can't quite put your finger on why and how much that value is. I do much more than simply writing a web site, I work with you to formulate an effective Internet presence.

If you want an outstanding Internet presence. If you want an Ecommerce solution. If you need to be on line email me at and let's talk.

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